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We have a far-reaching collaboration with DERO bv in Nieuw Vennep. Both of are experienced in handling cheese for years on end. Whether it concerns the plasticising of natural cheese, packing brined cheese in foil, paraffin coating, packing and palletising, or processing cheese in a different way: we make things possible!

Our companies are experienced in the cheese branch for years on end when it comes to treating, handling, packing and/or shipping cheeses, in full or in slices. Apart from our broad experiencing in handling cheese, we also have over twenty-five years’ experience with robots, of which over twenty years with the application of robots in the cheese processing industry. Thanks to our knowledge, the acquired experience and our stable organisations, we have already been able to implement many cheese projects successfully - be it small or large. We would also like to offer our expertise to your company.

By collaboration, ELTEN and DERO bundle their knowledge, and we can operate innovatively and effectively, both nationally and internationally.

Upon implementation of your project, you will be doing business with one company. Depending on the main issue of the project, ELTEN or DERO will be your provider. The other company will collaborate as a partner. This division is established after proper consultations in advance. The result will be: short, transparent and clear communication lines during the implementation. Above all applies: your situation is our point of departure!